What is is an interactive game designed for AFL fans. The game challenges you to guess AFL players based on their team logo and jumper number. There are two versions of the game: the Current Players Version and the Historic Version, each offering a unique challenge.

How do I play the game?

  1. Select Version and Difficulty: Choose between the Current Players Version and the Historic Version. Then select your game mode from Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert.
  2. Generate Player: Click the "Generate Player" button to start the game. You will see a team logo and a jumper number.
  3. Guess the Player: Enter the name of the player who wore that jumper number for the team shown.
  4. Check Answer: If your answer is correct, you will see feedback and can proceed to the next player. If incorrect, you will see the correct answers and your streak will end.

What are the game modes in the Current Players Version?

What are the game modes in the Historic Version?

What is the difference between the Historic Version and the Current Players Version?

The Historic Version features players who have played at least one game in their jumper numbers throughout AFL history. This adds an element of nostalgia and challenge, as you may need to recall players from different eras. The Current Players Version, on the other hand, includes listed players who may not have played a game yet, focusing on the present roster of players.

Can I change the game mode during a game?

Yes, you can change the game mode at any time. However, it will reset your current game and you will need to start a new game in the selected mode.

What happens if I run out of time?

If the timer runs out, the game will mark your answer as incorrect. You will then see the correct answers, and your streak will end.

How is the rarity score calculated?

The rarity score is based on how often a player is guessed correctly by other players. The lower the rarity score, the less frequently the player is correctly identified, making them a rarer and more challenging answer.

Who created was created by Heff, a teacher, content creator, and amateur web developer based in Adelaide. Heff is also known for his involvement with The Keeper League AFL Fantasy Podcast.

How can I report an issue or provide feedback?

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for the game, you can reach out to Heff via social media or through the contact options on the website.